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Happy Sunday people! So in my house we have Chinese once a week, it like our thing. Some members of the fam even have it every other day (I won’t say any names, motherrr). There’s nothing better than a good Chinese take-out on a Sunday eve with a Netflix movie *sighs* We’ve dabbled in a lot of Chinese take-out places and I think we’ve officially found the best one London has to offer! If you’re anything like me when it comes to take-outs you want big portions, great service, freebies and more importantly great tasting and QUALITY food. Golden Noodle located in South East London has all that! Once you spend over £30.00 you even get a free meal (I did a cartwheel when they told me that, free food whoop whoop) Literally as I write this post my mother’s ordering from them again. What I got? Sweet and sour chicken hong kong style with fried rice, Sweet and sour pork ribs and prawn crackers. Prices? Most meals start from around £5! Apologies for the lack of images everybody …


It’s been a while since I’ve cooked with rosemary and boy oh boy have I missed it. To smell, it’s so beautiful. To look at, it’s so beautiful. To touch, well it’s actually a little rough. We all have our flaws. However, it’s Sunday and that means it’s funday, so that means my house is stuffed full of people and people need food. So, I decided to feed these hungry people a traditional Sunday roast with rosemary and lemon chicken. It was so so good! Get the recipe: 

GET ON BOARD THE SOUL TRAIN! (Grilled Croaker with Plantain)

It’s almost Sunday Funday and if you’re anything  like me this includes major catch ups with friends, family, laughter and some home-cooked food! Do you guys ever get a craving for a REAL home cooked meal? The type that brings up great memories and makes you feel all warm inside because you know it’s made with love.This is exactly what this dish does for me. It’s time to get some soul in ya! Here’s the recipe: