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SUMMER’S HOME (Fruit Bowl)

It is officially the start of summer in Londres! *woop woop*. Unfortunately it looks nothing like it though, it’s all rain and grey clouds as per usual of my favourite city *sigh*. I guess this is going to be another 3 months of creating summer rather than actually having one. So, lets start with this gorgeous summer fruit bowl. I was feeling uber creative this morning and decided to serve the fruit in a fruit itself *winks* you can thank me later! This is the most gorgeous fruit bowl you can have at any dinner party or special occasion as it’s a real conversation starter. They’ll ask “where did you buy that fruit bowl?” and you shall hold your head up with pride and say “I made it” Hahaha Get the recipe and method below! INGREDIENTS 1 pineapple 1 kiwi 2 cups of strawberries 1 coconut 1 orange small bunch of grapes 1/2 a lemon 1/2 a lime METHOD 1) Get your pineapple. 2) Cut pineapple in half. 3) Using a knife, cut a vertical line from …


Why is it salads are known as a “boring dish”? or something you only eat when you’re on a diet?  I love a good salad! I guess it all stems back to being a child, when my mum said salad, it was those dry packaged ones you get in the supermarkets. Slightly traumatised, I avoided salad at every opportunity. Since I’ve been exploring food I realised salads can be the most beautiful, quick and delicious dish you can make. Best of all, when making salad you never ever make a mistake! This chicken is salad is to die for, seriously! There’s a video on my YouTube channel showing exactly how I made it. Just search”Boyin Akinlade” on YouTube . Ingredients  4 cooked and chopped chicken thighs 2 large bread wraps 1 cup of grated carrots 6 medium tomatoes 1 lemon 3/4 of a cucumber 3/4 of iceberg lettuce A salad dressing. (I recommend mayo or garlic and herb) Method 1) Chop you cucumber into small pieces. 2) Now chop the tomatoes into small pieces. 3) …


The type of love I’m talking about today comes in the form of a gorgeous salad. It always amazes me what great flavours you can create with the most simple of ingredients. I’m not really one to blow my own trumpet but this salad is GOOD! The tomatoes, halloumi and olives all combined into one is just stunning! I could eat this all day, everyday! You have to try this! Okay, I think I’ve done enough convincing now. Recipe Below: 


It’s officially that time of the year! The time where everyone trades the cookies and hot chocolate for salad and a green juice. As we all try to get into the spirit of things, I thought I’d help you all out a little with one of my yummy salad recipes. Salads never ever have to be boring, nor do they have to be cold. If like me you live in London (or most other parts of the world right now) it’s bloody cold! So the last thing you want to do is dip into a cold meal. That’s why this salad is warm, meaty and most importantly, filling! Get the recipe here:


Salads never have to be boring! It’s one of the few dishes in the world you can get super creative with. It doesn’t have to be completely green nor dose it have to be completely tasteless. One of my favourite salads is chicken and mango, it’s juicy, it’s colourful and boy oh boy is it delicious. It’s great if you’re trying to keep your eating habits light and healthy, so you can let rip on Christmas.There’s all kinds of juicy going on in this salad. Get the recipe here:


It seems everyone’s drinking green juices lately! I see people drinking them on the bus, there’s photos all over Instagram about how good they are, there’s also a company NAKED which makes green smoothies (they’re so expensive though, you’re better off making it yourself!) So anyway, there’s this whole craze going on right now and I decided to get in on it! After a lot of experimenting and green all over my face, I’ve found the most perfect green juice recipe ever! Here you go:


Think of this dish as the onsie of the food world, it caters to all your needs! Whether you’re a cheese lover, a vegetarian or just looking for a change theses peppers hits the spot! I was looking for a change when I decided to make this for my family, we never really eat meatless dishes so I wanted to chuck something different at them. Oh boy, I wish you could all see there faces when I placed this on the dinner table Dad: Is this is there a little chicken at the bottom?…Do I use a fork?…Well this is different ain’t it… but all ended in smiles and empty plates!.Healthy, quick and simple! Get the recipe!


I know when you think of the word ‘burger’,healthy doesn’t exactly spring to mind but you know what burgers can be enjoyed as healthy meal you’ve just got to cut out a lot of things and put in a few different things. All the salt and cheese really isn’t needed for a good bite. Don’t you just hate it when you’re on a diet and the only things you seem to eat are either leaves or nuts? I’m seriously not about that life! (uh uh, no thank you). I believe in well balanced diets. A little bit of everything! I mean having Mc Donalds 1 every 2 weeks really isn’t going to kill you. So anyway, this recipe is for people on a diet and all the health conscious folks out there looking for something more exciting than a pea salad! Get the recipe!