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SUMMER’S HOME (Fruit Bowl)

It is officially the start of summer in Londres! *woop woop*. Unfortunately it looks nothing like it though, it’s all rain and grey clouds as per usual of my favourite city *sigh*. I guess this is going to be another 3 months of creating summer rather than actually having one. So, lets start with this gorgeous summer fruit bowl. I was feeling uber creative this morning and decided to serve the fruit in a fruit itself *winks* you can thank me later! This is the most gorgeous fruit bowl you can have at any dinner party or special occasion as it’s a real conversation starter. They’ll ask “where did you buy that fruit bowl?” and you shall hold your head up with pride and say “I made it” Hahaha Get the recipe and method below!


1 pineapple

1 kiwi

2 cups of strawberries

1 coconut

1 orange

small bunch of grapes

1/2 a lemon

1/2 a lime


1) Get your pineapple.


2) Cut pineapple in half.

cutting pineapplecut in half

3) Using a knife, cut a vertical line from the top of the pineapple to the bottom .


4) Cut around the edges of the pineapple (follow the shape of the pineapple).


5) Now draw horizontal lines across the pineapple so you get cube shapes.


6) Scoop out the cubes of  pineapples using a spoon. Then place it into a bowl, use the pineapples for your bowl.


7) Drain juice out of the bowl (try and drain as much as you can so it doesn’t leak).

8) Cut strawberries in half, peel kiwi and cut it into slices, peel oranges etc.. To crack open the coconut twist the screw driver into the 3 black circles and then drain the coconut water out. Then throw it against a hard surface (a floor).


9) Fill it up with fruit. I organised them into lines because I’m a neat freak but you can mix it all up if you wish to.

fill it upfruit bowl1strawbcocofruity

Ahh now that’s the taste of summer right?

Genie In The Kitchen



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