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Bonjour! So  yesterday I woke up craving a melt in your mouth burger, you know one that you have to use two hands for and the cheese is melting and it’s shiny and perfect and you almost don’t want to eat it because you kind of  just want it to always be there for you. Ever felt like that? Well, this need was met yesterday! MEATLiquior has been around for a while now but I’ve never been before, partly because I always want to go on a Saturday and the is queue endless so I just turn back around. This time around I visited on a Sunday with Tobi (my sister) and it wasn’t busy at all.  Let me just say, this was the best burger I’ve had, seriously! And to top it off even the fries were amazing (I never thought I’d say that about fries because they’re always a bit mehhh!) It’s definitely a spot you have to try when in London! Plus they have ONION RINGS THE SIZE OF YOUR HEAD!

What I got: Dead hippie burger and hippie fries, onion rings and  the silver angel cocktail.

What Tobi got: Bacon cheeseburger with cheese fries and a vanilla milkshake which she said was pretty darn good!


If you’re ever around the area, in the words of John Catuccii “You gotta eat here!”

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*wipes drool* Until next time guys!

Genie In The Kitchen x



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