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Greetings, greetings & greetings! *stretches*  Seriously, since doing my market stall on the weekends, Mondays and Tuesdays have been my hibernation period. It’s literally: Kitchen to sofa, sofa to kitchen, maybe brush teeth and back to the sofa again. Haha I’m just kidding of course I brush my teeth I’ve got pearly whites mate! Okay they’re not pearly white, I’m like 3 shades off (working on it ). Anywho, speaking on the subject of teeth lets talk about skin. Its got to be one of the most annoying things right? One minute you’re as smooth as a babies butt, the next you look like a bloody lychee! I’ve always felt it acceptable to have bad skin in the winter but as soon as summer starts approaching, you gotta get that glow girl! So here’s 5 foods and a few tips on how to get glowing clear skin:

1. WATER – It’s the most obvious one, everyone screams ‘Drink water, drink waterrrrrr’. It’s because water helps to cleanse your body which results in it keeping your body hydrated and glowy. You’re much better off drinking mineral water as opposed to using all those BB, anti-ageing, 12 hour facelift creams. Drink your water people!

2. BROCCOLI- Lucky for me I’m a huge fan of broccoli. It’s one of the few veggies I actually liked as a child (I felt like I was eating miniature trees, how cute!). I like it even more now It has great skin benefits. So, broccoli contains Vitamin C, E, A & K all of which have really beneficial abilities. For example, preventing the skin from ultraviolet damage and also renewing the skin from damages all of which contributes to giving your complexion that healthy glow. I tend to have broccoli with in my warm salads or as a side with my main meal.

3. BEETROOT – I love the normal chopped beetroot you get in salads etc. Beetroot juice? Merrrrhh it really isn’t for me. Anyway, it’s not so much how you’re getting it, as long as you’re getting it babyyyy! Beetroot is anti-inflammatory which means it will help to prevent skin issues such as pimples, acne and boils. It also prevents ageing signs like wrinkles and fine lines. Mixing a little beetroot juice into your face masks is a fantastic help to!

4.- AVOCADO- Everyone’s obsessed with avocado these days so you won’t have trouble trying to fit it into your diet. I tend to eat it with  some eggs and toast, a bowl of fruit or in a juice. It’s a very versatile fruit that goes fantastic with both sweet and savoury dishes. Let’s talk about the benefits. The best ones are it contains vitamin C which maintains the firmness and structure of your skin. It also contains vitamin E which protects you skin from sun exposure (This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use sunscreen if your eating avocados!).

5. EGGS- Everyone likes eggs in one form or another right? Boiled, fried, poached scrambled etc. When it comes to the benefits it’s really all in the yolk, this is where all the good stuff is! By the good stuff I mean zinc and protein, all of which have skin clearing factors.

So that’s it for my top 5 foods. Now for some tips:

1. Moisture daily- The best thing I’ve ever used on my skin is Boots Glycerine and Rose Water.

2. Exfoliate- I make an exfoliator at home using olive, almond and coconut oil with sugar. ust mix it up and rub it into your skin.

3. Don’t sleep with make up on!

4. Try not to where make up everyday

5. Regularly clean your towels and sheets.

Hope this helps some of y’all! Until next week au revoir!

Genie in the kitchen xxxx

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