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Good morning beautiful people! Hope you’re all well. The week is almost over! Yasssss. It’s been such a busy week for me, I’m absolutely knackered!!! It’s been super productive though, so  I guess the bags under my eyes are kind of worth it. So anyway lets get back on topic! I’d like to share with you 5 ways to set yourself up for a great day. Over the past few years I feel I’ve learnt how to  master my days and really get s***t done with a few little changes. I feel these tips might just benefit someone p.s If there’s any little things you do that helps you to have a good day I’d love to hear about it (comment down below).

5) This going to sound crazy and you’re probably going to think huh? but I feel the first thing you should do when you wake up is open your curtains. I think a lot of positive energy comes from the sun shining through your windows and into your home.  When the sun shines through it’ll give you this really good vibe. Try it before you knock it! 

4) Plan, plan plan. I can’t stress enough how important it is to plan your days, like Dr Mike Murdoch says “If you can’t make 24 hours go right, how can you make your life go right?”. Every Sunday evening I write down things I need to get done throughout the week and organise them into days. Every night I look it over and then change and update anything I need to. This will give you targets to work towards everyday.

3) White! When it comes to my bedroom and workspace I try to make everything as white as possible. Not only because it takes good pictures but it just brightens up the room and provides you with a type of comforting.

2) Keep yesterday in yesterday! When you argue with someone don’t take it into the next day, apologise the night before. Don’t sleep angry! Even if f it’s not your fault. You’re not apologising for them, you’re apologising for  your own inner peace. Namaste people, namaste. 

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1) Have a great breakfast! When it comes to breakfast, I really do have one that’s fit for a champion. There’s nothing worse than gong to work hungry, nothing worse. You can’t concentrate, you get annoyed. So always hook yourself up with a good breakfast in the morning. I’m talking bacon, eggs, sausages or if your’re healthy green juice and some fruit. A full stomach is the start to any great day

There you have it my Top 5 ways on how to have a great day!

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