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Hey guys! So today I want to talk about passion. I’m a true lover of life, I honestly think life’s one of the most beautiful gifts. I guess I’m a bit of a flower child, I believe everyone should do what they love and love what they do, with that comes true happiness and a life of no regret.  There’s a quote that goes “I’d rather look back on life and say ‘I can’t believe I did that’ than ‘I wish I’d did that’.” I love it! Too many people fear chasing their dreams, they worry too much, it’s all ‘how am I going to pay the bills?’, ‘What will my parents say?’ What if things don’t go well?’.  You’ve got to go for it with every single ounce of energy you have. The reward will come.

Passion– Passion is a very strong feeling about a person or thing. Passion is an intense emotion, a compelling enthusiasm or desire for something.

Finding my passion and chasing my dreams is one the scariest, most gratifying things I’ve ever done, it takes you to this place of euphoria. I can’t lie there’s times when I think ‘Shit, what am I doing!’ but the thought of not getting all I want out of life scares me a million times more.

Everyone always says do what you’re passionate about blah, blah but I’ve realised for a lot of  people it’s hard for them to find what their passion is. So I’m going to share how I found mine.

Throughout my life I’ve wanted to be many things. I first wanted to be a tellytubbie(preferably Po), then I grew up a little and wanted to be a model (I have the height for it, but not the boobs), then I wanted to be a fashion designer (I barely know how to hold a pencil) then I wanted to be a singer (I learned when you have your headphones turned really high it makes you sound exactly like Mariah). So then there came a point in my life where I literally had nothing to do, I’d finished college and was really struggling to find a job. In that space of having absolutely nothing to do, I subconsciously gravitated towards my passion and that was food.

So what I’m saying is you’re never too old or too young to discover your passion. Life gets so crazy as you get older you have to make a lot of imortant decisions very quickly.

If you haven’t found you passion I’d recommend taking a break and setting yourself up in a position where you have a lot of spare time. Whatever you gravitate towards and have the most interest in is what your passion is.

Hope you found this post useful!

Genie in the Kitchen Xxx  #GenieTalks


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