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I love reading about individuals that are successful in my chosen field. It’s always interesting to see who has the most £££££ (In this case I should probably add more pound signs) of them all. Anyway, without hesitation here’s the top 10 wealthiest celebrity chefs of 2015:

10) PAULA DEEN – Everyone knows who Paula Deen is (unless you’ve been hiding under a rock or maybe you’re not interested in food). She owns a restaurant with her two sons and is worth a nice £11 million. She earns her money from a wide range of sources, endorsement deals, restaurants Food Network and numerous cooking books.

9) INA GARTEN – This lovely lady has a net worth of £29 million. She has earned this amount from a variety of different activities including cookbooks, catering services, TV shows and collaborating with The Food Network. Garten has no formal training, she taught herself all that she knows. She relied purely on feedback from frieds and customers to refine her now famous recipes.

8) CHARLIE AYERS – Ayers has a net worth of £31 million. He was an ex-executive at Google but decided to trade his mouses and keyboards for an apron and a hat. He started catering  for music festivals across the USA.. Avers left Google in 2005 and released a cookbook called ‘Food 2.0: Secrets From The Chef Who Fed Google’ he then went on to establish several restaurants in the United States.

7) EMERIL LAGGASE –  Emeril Lagasse has a net worth of £33 million. He owns several restaurants throughout the USA, some which have be opened for as long as 25 years. He realised his passion for cooking whilst working at a bakery as a teenager. Most people will be familiar with him from his show Eseence of Emeril on The Food Network.

6) RACHAEL RAY – She’s the last of the females on the list with a net worth of £40 million. She shot to fame with her 30 minutes meal which appeared on The Food Network. Ray’s success comes from a combination of her shows, magazine and her own talk show. She’s received two Emmys for Outstanding Service Show and Outstanding Talk Show Entertainment. Get it girl!

5) WOLFGANG PUCK – Yes, his name is Wolfgang. Pucks networh is believed to be around £50 million. He’s an Austrian chef and the head of a massive food empire ranging from  restaurants to catering services. Puck is the official caterer for the glamorous Academy Awards ceremony.

4) GORDON RAMSAY – The Scottish chef we all love to hate. He’s crazy there’s no denying that. However his short-temper has been a helping hand in getting him to his £80 million fortune. With his numerous TV shows and outstanding cuisines, it’s no wonder why this highly awarded Scott’s man has been so successful.

3) PAUL BOCUSE – French chef Paul Bocuse is renowned for his unique approach to French dining. He’s earned £124 million in his lifetime. He’s taught many students at Institut Paul Bocuse which have become famous themselves. He owns a long line of restaurants throughout France. Bocuse has always championed a lighter style of cooking and like many chefs emphasises the importance of using fresh ingredients. The picture below make me laugh, he looks so bad-ass!

2) JAMIE OLIVER- The UK’s very own treasure has earned a jaw dropping £268 million pounds. His been on out TV for a long-time. I don’t remember not knowing who he is.  Not bad for a guy who left school at 16 with two qualifications. Oliver first worked as a pastry chef in Antonio Carluccio’s  where he developed a relationship with fellow top chef Gennaro Contaldo. He was noticed by the BBC in 1997. He first cookbook The Naked Chef went on to become the UK’s No.1 best-seller. He’s cooked for the likes of ex prime minister Tony Blair at 10 Downing Street.

1) ALAN WONG – He tops the list with a staggering £736 million pound! Wong is of both an oriental and Hawaiian mix. He’s worked in a vast amount of Japanese and Hawaiian restaurants. He is widely recognised for being one of 12 co-founders of the Hawaiian Regional Cuisine. Wong has also appeared on  the Season 2 finale of  Top Chef. Mr Wong is a highly respected person in the restaurant industry and has been awarded Chef of The Year by Sante magazine. He’s even cooked for Obama! Well done Mr Wong.

There you have it! The Top 10 wealthiest celebrity chefs of 2015! I thought Ms Nigel Lawson will be somewhere on the list. Did anyone’s net worth shock you? I thought Paula Deen had a little bit more than that, 10 million is still a lot of money, but you know what I mean.

Genie in the Kitchen xxx



  1. Latinwo says

    Menmbet Nigel was involved in that crack scandal (bless her). I’m a Nigel fan made my first chocolate cake with her 🙂

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