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Are Starbucks Doing Deliveries In London?

The answer to this is yes. Postmates, (the company that will be collaborating with Starbucks on this new venture) confirmed on their website, stating ” We are excited to announce a collaboration with Starbucks that offers customers the ultimate convenience: food and beverage ordering through the Starbucks® mobile app with delivery by Postmates. Working together, we will enable Starbucks customers to order their favorite Starbucks products and have it delivered to them without leaving their home or office.”

So, I’m actually excited about this, who wouldn’t want a caramel frappuccino with whipped cream at their door through the click of a button? As they said, this is the ultimate convenience. However, practically thinking it does raise a few concerns. Most Starbucks are located in Central London, which is the busiest part of London. However Postmates deliver the product they will essentially be stuck in traffic which will only result in cold coffee unless they come up with some type of heating system. Obviously this is also considering the drinks are made at current Starbucks locations. Do you think the coffee will be hot after all that time?

Comparing Starbucks to other coffee chains it is expensive, I usually spend around £3.50 on their flavoured hot chocolates as opposed to £2.50 at other coffee places. Will I be willing to pay a delivery fee in addition? No chance. Unless you’re buying drinks for 3 or more people, the delivery charge is just not worth it. There’s no way their charges will be under £5.00. Would you pay £8.50 to have your favourite Starbucks drink delivered to you?

This idea will work fantastic if they only targeted offices. London’s financial district is littered with Starbucks which is why I think them delivering to offices makes so much more sense! It’s perfect for an organisation to be able to ring up, order 40 coffees and have it delivered directly to them. It’s the utmost convenience for them. Although it’s the utmost convenience for people like me and you (who knows a CEO might be reading this, hey CEO!) it’s just not worth it. It will accumulate to too much money.

I’m really excited to see the results of this new venture. I will try it out at least once if they go ahead with the idea. Starbucks will be starting a trial period in its home town of Seattle starting as early as next month. They plan to expand into the European market during the second half of 2015, so if successful it will be here soon.

So tell me, will you be ordering? Let me no your reason why.

By Genie In The Kitchen


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