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FairCake’s Cupcake Masterclass

After stalking their social media relentlessly and studying numerous reviews I decided to take a class with Fair Cake.  Well, to sum it up it was brilliant but let me tell you why.


I’ll start right at the beginning from their location to whether I actually  learned anything. The school is situated write next to the river overlooking the O2 arena. The journey there was so peaceful, the sun was shining, people were jogging and walking their dogs. I couldn’t think of a better atmosphere. With my backpack in one hand and my camera in the other I couldn’t wait to start cake school! As I stepped into the room I new it was going to be a great class. The room was spacious, light and airy with the most beautiful display cakes, my  jaw dropped I couldn’t believe people had made them!

DSC_0089DSC_0140           DSC_0083DSC_0182


On arrival I was greeted with a really warm welcome by Shikhita and her lovely assistant. They offered us numerous cups of tea and coffee. When we was all settled in we introduced ourselves and talked about why we were here. Once that was done we got straight into baking our cupcakes. She guided us step-by-step so there were no mistakes. Most of the day was spent making designs out of fondant and learning different ways of icing cupcakes with butter cream. The day finished an hour early which initially I wasn’t happy about, for the steep price I wanted to get all I can out of it!

DSC_0130Displaying photo.JPG


 Come day 2 I was so grateful for the early finish. It was a busy day which focused on designing cupcakes for wedding and high end events. This part of the course required a lot more patience and practice. When I was having problems getting to grip with some of the techniques Shikita would and re-demonstrate it to me personally.



#OVERALL                                                                                                                                                  The 2 day course cost £225.00 which I felt was reasonable considering it was 10am – 5pm for 2 days. Shikhita really makes the class with her story telling, fun, bubbly personality. SHE’S HILARIOUS! In conclusion, this is a class I’d highly recommend if your’re looking to open a baking business or learn some new skills. I had no idea how to pipe swirls and make pretty roses out of fondant beforehand within 48 hours I became pretty darn good at it. When I was on the bus home several people were asking “Where’d you buy them? They’re beautiful” With pride I smiled and said ‘I MADE THEM!’. It really is a great cake school and gets a solid 10/10 from me.

Remember, when choosing a cake class take into consideration the duration of the class and whether what they’re teaching applies to you.

Xoxo                                                                                                                                                                       Genie In the Kitchen


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