Month: December 2014

ALL OF ME LOVES ALL OF YOU (Nutella D’oh nuts!)

Am I the only one who loves chocolate during the winter? There’s something about a cold breeze that makes me crave something that will just melt in my mouth. Drools. I’ve been super obsessed with cronuts and doughnuts lately, so as I sat down on my sofa in my onsie and 10 blankets and wondered what to make, like a fly it came to me. Nutella doughnuts! It’s chocolatey, nutty  and unbelievably yummy! Get the step-by-step recipe here: Advertisements


It’s 15 days till Christmas! Let the countdown begin!!! There’s so much going on around this time of the month from what to wear, what to eat and what gifts to give. I can’t help you with what to wear and with the gifts but I can help you with what to eat. These caramelized wings are the perfect company to any Christmas dish . Here’s the recipe:


I love, love, LOVE pancakes! Tell me, what’s better than a sweet, savoury and fluffy dessert for breakfast? Not much,right. Pancakes can be enjoyed as part of a breakfast or lunch. It’s totally up to you. It’s such a filling and flavoursome breakfast which is  one of the many reasons I love them! It’s the perfect Christmas morning breakfast once topped with pancakes and drizzled in maple syrup. Mmmmm Let’s get cooking: