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Salads never have to be boring! It’s one of the few dishes in the world you can get super creative with. It doesn’t have to be completely green nor dose it have to be completely tasteless. One of my favourite salads is chicken and mango, it’s juicy, it’s colourful and boy oh boy is it delicious. It’s great if you’re trying to keep your eating habits light and healthy, so you can let rip on Christmas.There’s all kinds of juicy going on in this salad. Get the recipe here:

Serves 4

Duration: 20 Minutes


4 Birds Eye Chicken Breast (Or any other brand)

2 Mangoes 

3 cups of Spinach

1 Cup of Tarragon 

1/2 Cup of Coriander 

1 Cup of Parsley

1 Cup of Green Beans

1 Cup of Cherry Tomatoes

2 tbsp of Olive Oil 

1/2 tsp of Mixed Herbs

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1) Put your chicken breasts into the oven. (You can use fresh chicken breasts instead of pre-made ones. I used pre-made as it’s much quicker).

2) Fill up a pot with two inches of water. Put on high heat. Then put in the green beans and leave to cook for about five minutes.

3) Chop up the spinach, coriander, parsley, tarragon and mangoes.

Displaying photo 1.JPGDisplaying photo 2.JPG

4) Now place all your greens (including green beans) and cherry tomatoes into a bowl  and then add in the olive oil and mixed herbs. Give it a good mix.

Displaying photo 1.JPG

5) Add in the mangoes and then your sliced chicken breast.

Displaying photo 3.JPG

How yummy is this?? Spread the word people!


Love, Genie In The Kitchen xxx



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