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Winter, the season of giving, receiving, coats, lights and a beautiful hot drink! If you take a look at my archives you may notice I have a little bit of a sweet tooth going on, who doesn’t ?. Anyway,as it gets colder here in London my craving for hot drinks naturally becomes more dominant, so this morning I whisked up one of my favourite and most underrated hot drinks. I introduce you all to the white chocolate hot chocolate. Get the recipe:


1 Cup of White chocolate (If you’d like it less sweet use less)

1 1/2 Cup of Milk (Any type of milk is fine)

1/2 Cup of Whipping Cream (It’s the exact same as heavy cream)

1/2 tsp of Vanilla Extract

Whipped Cream (optional)

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1) Firstly, chop up the white chocolate.

2) Secondly, pour the whipping cream and milk into a pot and leave on a medium, until almost at boiling point. (Don’t allow it to boil).

Displaying photo 1.JPG

3) Thirdly, take it off the hob and add in the white chocolate and vanilla extract. Then whisk it all together and place it back       on the hop. (once again, not allowing it to boil).

Displaying photo 2.JPG

4) Serve using a dipped spoon.

5) Then dress with whipped cream and extra white chocolate.

Displaying photo.PNG

Now taste the beauty! Haha


Love, Genie In The Kitchen xxx


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