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It’s been a while since I’ve cooked with rosemary and boy oh boy have I missed it. To smell, it’s so beautiful. To look at, it’s so beautiful. To touch, well it’s actually a little rough. We all have our flaws. However, it’s Sunday and that means it’s funday, so that means my house is stuffed full of people and people need food. So, I decided to feed these hungry people a traditional Sunday roast with rosemary and lemon chicken. It was so so good! Get the recipe: 


Whole Chicken 


Lemons (Minimum of 4)

4 tbsp of Butter

2 Maggi Cubes

1 1/2 tbsp of Chicken Seasoning

1 tbsp of Salt

1/2 tsp of Ground Black Pepper

Displaying photo.JPGDisplaying photo 1.JPG


1)  Wash the chicken with water and then place it on your tray.

2) Now, rub the salt, ground pepper,chicken seasoning and maggi all over the chicken.

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3) Slice the lemons.

4) Stuff the rosemary and lemons inside and round the chicken. Squeezing the juice from the lemon all over the chicken.

5) Now, leave it to marinate overnight or for at least an hour.

Displaying photo.JPG

4) Now place the chicken in the oven for around an hour and a half.

5) Midway through cooking place the butter on top and in the corners of the chicken. Then place it back into the oven.

Displaying photo.JPG

6) When serving put some fresh rosemary and lemons onto the tray.

Displaying photo.PNG

Note: Also on the tray I have broccoli, carrots and potatoes. if you want the method, just ask.

This the perfect recipe for Sunday evenings with family and friends!


Love, Genie In The Kitchen xxx



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