Month: October 2014


Think of this dish as the onsie of the food world, it caters to all your needs! Whether you’re a cheese lover, a vegetarian or just looking for a change theses peppers hits the spot! I was looking for a change when I decided to make this for my family, we never really eat meatless dishes so I wanted to chuck something different at them. Oh boy, I wish you could all see there faces when I placed this on the dinner table Dad: Is this is there a little chicken at the bottom?…Do I use a fork?…Well this is different ain’t it… but all ended in smiles and empty plates!.Healthy, quick and simple! Get the recipe! Advertisements


Summer isn’t over till you say it is! As soon as the sun’s gone we all seem to pack up our grills and get our hot water bottle and mugs out, but that doesn’t have to be! Why not have a BBQ indoors?. I don’t mean you should paint your house bright yellow and strut around your living room in a bikini but If you’re anything like me you crave grilled chicken and veg all year round, no matter the temperature. So, this afternoon I decided to cook up an autumn kitchen storm with some grilled chicken, steak and veg and it was delicious people! Get the recipe!

THE POWER OF THE SKEWER! (Chicken and Pineapple Kebab)

Happy Saturday beautiful people! Today’s recipe is super quick, super fun and super healthy! So over the past few weeks I’ve come to the realisation that skewers sticks may be the best thing ever invented by man. Even though they’re sort of just sticks but anyway they’re so fun to play with meat skewers, fruit skewers, dessert skewers you can do so much! Today’s recipe is going to be a mixture of meat and fruit. I introduce you all to the… *drum roll please*… Chicken and Pineapple Kebab. Party season is coming up and this will look fantastic on your dining table! Get the recipe:


The breakfast of champions!. Every now and again I go all out on breakfast forget the bacon, sausages and eggs (which is traditional if you’re a Londoner!) Sometimes it’s fun to dive into the American side of things,well the American movie side of things. I’m thinking a white picket fence kind of breakfast? ….(Hmmmmm)….something that’s quick and easy to whip up?….(Hmmmm)….but fruity? (Hmmmm). Perhaps some blueberry pancakes? and guess what it only takes 10 minutes to make!


For those of you who don’t know what a mocha is, it’s basically a blend of chocolate and coffee. It’s also known as a life saver, energy giver and an I can get through this day-er! Much like red bull, it gives you wings! Seriously, after 1 cup there’s no mountain high enough and no river low enough. To activate your inner superhero follow this recipe:


I know when you think of the word ‘burger’,healthy doesn’t exactly spring to mind but you know what burgers can be enjoyed as healthy meal you’ve just got to cut out a lot of things and put in a few different things. All the salt and cheese really isn’t needed for a good bite. Don’t you just hate it when you’re on a diet and the only things you seem to eat are either leaves or nuts? I’m seriously not about that life! (uh uh, no thank you). I believe in well balanced diets. A little bit of everything! I mean having Mc Donalds 1 every 2 weeks really isn’t going to kill you. So anyway, this recipe is for people on a diet and all the health conscious folks out there looking for something more exciting than a pea salad! Get the recipe!

GET ON BOARD THE SOUL TRAIN! (Grilled Croaker with Plantain)

It’s almost Sunday Funday and if you’re anything  like me this includes major catch ups with friends, family, laughter and some home-cooked food! Do you guys ever get a craving for a REAL home cooked meal? The type that brings up great memories and makes you feel all warm inside because you know it’s made with love.This is exactly what this dish does for me. It’s time to get some soul in ya! Here’s the recipe:

NO MORE TAKE-OUTS! (Chicken Fried Rice)

I swear it’s like the minute you announce your saving all types all types of food and clothes craving come at you , pizza, a new pair of winter boots, a change of hair colour. I’ve had to get into ninja mode when walking through Oxford Street! Anyway, after a long day at work I was craving Chinese like never before.  Am I the only one who looks for signs when trying to make a decision? “If I see a blue car in the next 10 seconds I can get Chinese”. I saw no blue cars *wipes tear*. As I walked home thinking of what I could  chuck together I had a eureka moment. Why don’t I just make the Chicken Fried Rice at home? So I did…


Happy Saturday peopleee! SATURDAY: The day for catch ups, work outs and a delicious brekky! This Pineapple and Orange Smoothie is perfect if you’re trying to keep your breakfasts light and healthy. It’s naturally sweet from the pineapples so there’ll be no unwelcome sugar cravings throughout the day. Filling, simple and healthy. Have  a phenomenal weekend people! Here’s the recipe: