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Okay so I think it’s quite clear I have an obsession with Oreos they taste good with everything, well almost everything anyway ( I can’t imagine an Oreo stuffed beef burgers tasting too great!). The craziest thing is it took me years to grow the much needed courage to try an Oreo,this is going to sound really weird but I always thought the cookie was too black,the filing too white, what is this, how the hell can it taste good, I’d rather not. I eventually grew brave enough and tried one with my eyes closed My reaction:”Shit, this a damn good cookie”, I haven’t looked backed since! Moving on, today I’m showing you how to make Oreo Dipped Strawberries. How cute would this be for a baby or bridal shower? It’s as easy as 123, ABC and it’s technically one of your  5 a day!

What you’ll need:

– 14  Strawberries

– 10 Oreos (finely crushed) 

– 200g of melted milk chocolate

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1) Dip each strawberry in melted chocolate.

2)Pick it out slowly and then roll in the crushed Oreos.

3) Place on baking paper for approx 15 minutes.

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That’s it! No long waits, no complications, instant crowd pleaser!


Love, Genie in the Kitchen


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