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Hey guys, it’s Sunday my favourite day of the week! Don’t you just love the peacefulness of Sundays, it’s just so fresh you know like waking up and smelling roses, jogging in the rain, whipping your bra off after a long day Hahaha. Moving swiftly on, my favourite thing about Sundays has to be the whole family in the kitchen cooking up a delicious storm! So, today I decided to make honey and lemon flavoured chicken wings. It’s so juicy and sweet and has that little kick of spice chicken always needs. It’s great as an appetizer or as part of a dinner alongside some rice or potatoes. It’s the perfect healthy meal, you will love it!  

Here’s the recipe:

What you’ll need:

– A medium portion of chicken wings

– 3  Lemons

– 1/2 cup of honey

-1 heaped tbsp of butter

– 2 heaped tbsp of mixed herbs

– 2 tbsp of cayenne pepper 

– 2 tsp of salt

– 3 Maggi cubes

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Displaying photo.JPG

1) Lay chicken wings along oven tray.

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2) Distribute the all the ingredients over the chicken and massage it in. Squeeze the juice from the lemon over the chicken, chop and put a few lemon pieces over chicken.

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3) Tightly cover the chicken in tin foil and leave it to marinate overnight or for 2-3 hours.

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4) Once chicken has been left to marinate put  into the oven for 2 hours. (do not remove tin foil). Turn chicken over every 30 minutes.Add honey in 2 out of the 4 turns.

Midway through cooking : 

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5) One the chicken is of brown colour it is ready to be served!

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This is delicious, thank me later!

Love, Genie In The Kitchen



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